Grade 10 Student Impregnated His 31-Year Old Girlfriend

Grade 10 Student Impregnated His 31-Year Old Girlfriend

A mother of a Grade 10 student went to the office of ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ to ask for help about her son who impregnated his 31-year old girlfriend.

According to the mother named Aileen de Vera, her son Angelo and his girlfriend, Marichu Galleban met in an online game. Marichu said that Angelo did not tell her his right age.

The mother of Angelo just wanted her 16-year old son to continue his studies for his future and his child to be.

Aileen added that everytime his son and his girlfriend are quarreling, Marichu always threatens them to take away the child from them.

Many netizens got furious to Angelo because he has no respect to his mom. Here are some of their reactions: “He’s very immature and she’s a p****** who took advantage. She should go to j***.”
“DNA test first before anything else.”
“You will someday regret this day, Angelo. Napaka bastos mo! You will!”
“Maswerting bata kana nga angelo ang parents mo very supportive… Spoiled kang bata..”
“pinag aaral kasee dapat mag aral naku kung ako lang may mag papaaral habang buhay ako mag aaral kaloka mga batang ito sinasayang pag kakataon makapag aral”
“31 yrs.old pumatol sa 16 yrs.old d mn lang nahiya…corrupting minor…naubusan kna ba ng lalaki teh???pati bata pinatulan???naku naku”

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