Filipina Nurse Becomes An Instant Millionaire After Shopping In This Mall

Filipina Nurse Becomes An Instant Millionaire After Shopping In This Mall

A Pinay nurse named Angela Mortos who is based in Dubai became an instant millionaire over the weekend after hitting the jackpot in a mall in Dubai.

Mortos won around Dh100,000 or P1.4 million
by spinning the wheel at the City Centre Mirdif on February 2 after shopping in City Centre Mirdif. According to the report, the purchases of Mortos made her eligible to join the Million Dirham Wheel campaign during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Mortos shared that she could not believe it at first.

“When they first called me, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was with patients at the medical center that I work for,” Mortos said.

“I couldn’t believe it at first, but when it sunk in, I was happy and overwhelmed all at once,” Mortos added.

The Filipino nurse shared her plans with the money she received. Mortos intends to give a portion of her winnings to a janitor in the building where she lives.

According to Mortos: “This sweet man does not know much English, but he makes it a point to say good morning to me every day and it makes my day. He is a complete stranger, but I want to be a blessing to him.”

Mortos also wants to fix the graveyard of her parents who already p********** about 10 years ago.

She qualified for the campaign after spending a total of Dh2,000 on several visits to the mall during the festival. Mortos has been staying in the United Arab Emirates for about five years now.

Source: kami, inquirer


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